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We are Denart

Creativity & reliability are our strongest power.

Denart is a group of artists that concetrates on the link between art and reality, communication and daily life.

Denart is a creative group founded in 2008 in Rome, by Chenia & Arianna DN, currently based in Altea, Spain. We work with the image and aesthetics. We offer graphic services, decoration and art.

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Our thoughts are the seeds that forge our lives.

I am a multidisciplinary artist interested in video art and new technologies. I'm graphic and web designer.

Learn more about my work on my page.
Arianna DN

I strongly believe that when we create things with passion, magic happens.

I live between Spain and Rome, where I was born. I am a multidisciplinary artist, my work is also decorating and graphic design. Learn more about my work on my page.


It's not just a job, it's lifestyle.